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When the only way your three year old will nod off for their afternoon nap is in the car - you drive and you chat about...

Animals in Vehicles!

Many of these conversations lead to lots of fun characters and when the Dad happens to be a talented artist you get a book that's fun and easy to read over and over (and over and over!)
Jared Carson from Otaki, New Zealand wrote and illustrated Animals in Vehicles as a Christmas gift for his son Kyuss in 2014. Due to the popularity with other kids and encouragement from friends he decided to get more copies printed.
In 2018 he wrote a follow up More Animals in Vehicles for his younger son Cade. Together over 800 copies have sold of both books.
Animals in Vehicles are fun children’s picture books with quirky rhymes and colourful cartoon illustrations featuring various animals operating all kinds of vehicles, such as trucks, diggers, trains and planes. Great fun for young readers!


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More Animals in Vehicles

Crash the monkey and all your favourite animals are back! Joined this time by Crash's mischievous little brother Dash, in the the 2018 follow up to Animals in Vehicles the monkeys explore more fun and interesting places including car shows, the beach, playgrounds and hospitals and ponder what vehicles they drive in other countries and even what kind of vehicle would a pack of dinosaurs ride in!


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The Story of the Very Hungry Snake

Written by Team Tekau - Waitohu School, Otaki, New Zealand and illustrated by Jared Carson

The Very Hungry Snake was written in 2018 by Jared's son Kyuss's year 3 school class as an activity to show the kids the process of writing and publishing a book. The class enjoyed brainstorming ideas, writing and editing the story and each contributed their own paintings for the backgrounds. Jared then illustrated and designed the book and got them printed with a run of his own books to give each student their own copy for Christmas.

The story follows the journey of a very hungry snake, looking for food and asking his meals to be if they will be his dinner! He runs into trouble when he finds not everyone is happy being his meal.

A very limited amount of copies of The Very Hungry Snake are available. Email to grab your copy.

A Cabbage in a Spider Web

Written by Jonathon Harrison, illustrated by Jared Carson, published by Create Books

A Cabbage in a Spider Web follows 4 year old Annabella and her outings and activities with her friends, her family, her pre-school, and her cat.

Each topic is covered in poem form with fun and colourful illustrations. With about 6 verses to each poem in words easily understood by children, this book is designed to be read to children by parents or a pre-school teacher. There’s a little bit of naughtiness in some of the poems that will make children laugh... and also the adults.

Written by Otaki local Jonathon Harrison and illustrated by Jared Carson, A Cabbage in a Spider Web is loosely set in Waikanae with a little research done at Castle Kids Pioneers pre-school for 4-year-olds.


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More books in the works to look out for in 2019!

The Land of Ghee

A new book featuring strange and curious critters from the faraway Land of Ghee... stay tuned!







Fish Musicians

Bernard the Gurnard and Kate the Skate are making plans for King Neptune's birthday, and they're looking to get their favourite band the Fish Musicians back together to play his party!





Jared also has several more titles in the pipeline, check back for updates. More news coming soon!


Jared is a busy dad who lives in Otaki, New Zealand with his partner and two young sons. He has been drawing since the age of 2, his first cartoon being an uncanny likeness of former prime minister David Lange.

As well as cartoons Jared also does caricatures, graphic design, posters, album covers and advertisements, and plays in several bands as a drummer.

Jared is also available for graphic design work, caricature work, cartoons and drumming work. Contact

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